Buying a house?

Buying a house could be one of the most exciting time in your life. Be it this is your frist house, second house, or seventh house, We can help. Our job is to negociate the best possible price for the home you want to buy, manage the transaction from beginning to end, resolve any problems that come up along the way, and be a resource to you during and after the transaction, to name just a few. The best part ? For the purpose of buying a house, a Realtor is Free. That's right, all of our resources and knowledge comes at no cost to you.

The right time to buy

Many people have asked me when the right time to buy is. The simple answer is the time you thought about it. In many instances, price of homes goes up and your house becomes an asset. Real Estate market goes in waves, sometimes it's a great market to buy, other times it's a great market to sell. Regardless of the market, your needs will determine the best time to buy.

The first step

One of the first and most important steps in buying a house, is to talk to a lender. Their job is to determine how much of a house you are qualified for, to spot any potential problems, and to get them resolved before they turn into a problem. My determination for lenders is purely based on past experience, communication with them, and how the overall transaction went from their side. Problems can always happen, it's how they're handled that's important. The other important reason to talk to a lender is the Pre-Approval letter. An offer without a Pre-Approval letter will usually not be considered. Click below to see our preffered lenders.

Lenders list

How's the Market

Real Estate market is always changing, so it's important to keep an eye on it. For the purpose of buying a house, it's always good to talk to your Real Estate Agent. Your agent can always run a Market Analysis to find out if a house is over priced and to put in a lower offer, or the market is so hot that the only way to get that beautiful home you really want, is to place an offer over asking. A well informed agent will always know or be in a position to quickly find out how to increase your chances of getting your dream home. Click the link below for a 60 Second Market Update for Your area.

60 Second Market Update


When in the market to buy a home, we suggest having a few things on hand. You will likely look at many properties over the next few days, and at some point they may start blending in. Not to worry, it happens to everyone. So with that in mind we suggest having a way to keep track of each house, especially those you liked, or specific things you liked about some homes. Even if we see a home that happens to not be the right one, if you see something you like, take note of it, it may be something you'll consider doing to the home you end up buying. Once you truly start your search for homes, you'll be surprised by the amount of For Sale signs you will run into, and at times you'll probably stop and look at some of them. Below is a link to my phone app for the Homesnap App. I strongly recommend using it for a two main features. The first is the Closest Homes search. You can use that option to see all homes for sale near you, and get detailed information about them. The other great feature is the ability to save a home as a favorite. Click below to download the app. It also allows you to contact me directly without having to search for my number.


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