Selling your house is my specialty

Armand understands what it takes to sell your house. He understands the high level of trust you have to put in him and his expertise, and he won't let you down. Communication is key throughout the entire transaction, and together we will create the strategy to get your house sold.

Consultation and Pricing

Every Transaction starts at the same place, The Free consultation. This is the time you see if I'm the right agent to get the job done (quick hint, I am), and take a look at the house to determine what, if anything, needs fixing or changing to increase value. Once I have an idea of the house, I will take the time to create a market analysis and determine the value of the house, as well as seeing what other homes are for sale in your neighborhood, what is pending, and what has sold, to get an ever more in depth understanding of what the competition may be, and to determine best course of action.

Marketing Strategy

Armand doesn't just list your house in the MLS and hope that it will get sold. First thing we do is determine the most likely buyers for your house. This will help us determine where to focus our advertising dollars on in order to attract the right buyers in the shortest amount of time. The goal is to sell the house as quickly as possible for the highest possible price. While determining the best Marketing Strategy, we will also discuss what role you play in getting your house sold. Take a look at the Marketing Plan for more in depth information.

Transaction Management

Once the offers start coming in is when we shift our focus. You will be presented with all offers either as they come in, or at a set date, depending on what we agreed upon earlier. All offers will be screened to make sure we are only dealing with Qualified buyers. We will look at the pros and cons of each offer, counter offers as needed, and work towards a mutually accepted outcome. Once the offer is accepted, I will manage all aspects of the transaction and make sure you are aware of everything that is going on at every step in the transaction. We will make sure all deadlines are met, and any issues that may arise are taken care of promptly.

Marketing Data

Marketing data is a very important part of Real Estate. We rely on data to determine the price of houses, what type of advertising we do, and what to expect in terms of how long it should take to get your house sold, just to list a few. When it comes to pricing, every area is different. Some areas are more wanted and warrant a higher price than other areas. With everyone having access to the internet, most buyers have a general idea of what a house is worth, so when listing a house, the price has to be just right. Click below to find out what your house is worth. It only takes a few seconds and you'll get an email within minutes giving you an idea of around what it should sell for. Contact me directly and we will narrow down the Exact value.

What is my house worth?


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